2. Applied Research

The provision of consultancy, advice, conceptual application of current studies and research to assist companies and individuals preparing for court cases, legal disputes or market research.

Our latest research includes:

Animal behaviour and research methodology evaluation.

An assessment of the use of electronic collars on dogs in the United Kingdom- this research evaluated the methodology used in AW1402 and AW1402A- a £538,000 DEFRA research project on the use of electronic collars on dogs in the United Kingdom.

Pit Bull Terrier Type hair database

Our latest and current research project see's the establishment of the world’s first database to help identify a Pit bull Type animal from physical characteristics of retrieved hair samples. This project involves collaboration with Staffordshire University and individuals in the United Kingdom, The United States, Ireland and Australia. 

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

A  Masters Research project was completed in 2009 into the applications of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) to tracking bird movement across the globe. This process has applications in wildlife crime as well as disease surveillance.

Passage of heat through hair

This project will investigate the application of various heat sources to dog hair to assess the features of hair when an animal has been exposed to heat from various sources, including electric, microwave, radiation and conduction. The findings will assist in the resolution of legal disputes that involve allegations of animal cruelty and the application of heat to animals by investigating the changes seen in the hair of the affected animal.

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