This page (including  links in the left column) provides a demonstration of a variety of publications contributed by David Bailey on the field of veterinary forensics.

These published material take the form of book chapter contributions, letters to veterinary journals and course notes from post graduate teaching courses in Brazil, the UK and Australia.


A. Due for release in 2016

 Cabi publishers have signed a contract with David Bailey to produce a book on practical veterinary forensics.

The book titled "Practical Veterinary Forensics" will be available for release in 2016.

The book will aim to explain the marriage of veterinary science to forensic science and set out the rules that allow the application of science to the the courtroom.

Of interest to veterinarians and animal health workers the book is non-jurisdictional and provides important concepts and introductions to various forensic fields and assists the reader to apply these skills to an animal based  investigation.

Chapter One- What is Veterinary Forensics?

Chapter Two- Forensic Reasoning, philosophy and argument construction

Chapter Three- Introduction to Law for animal workers

Chapter Four- A one-health approach: Emergency situations and anti-terrorism

Chapter Five- Evidence collection and gathering

Chapter Six- Crime scene Evidence- Hair

Chapter Seven- Crime scene Evidence- DNA

Chapter Eight- Crime scene evidence- Firearms and ballistics

Chapter Nine- Crime scene evidence- Blood and blood pattern analysis

Chapter Ten- Crime scene evidence- Understanding the value of documentary evidence

Chapter Eleven- Toxicology and chemical analysis

Chapter Twelve- Court Room and media skills

Chapter Thirteen- Report Writing

Chapter Fourteen- Conclusion- The animal- human relationship.


B. Released in 2013


B.David Bailey has contributed to another book by Australian Veterinarian- Catherine Tiplday.

Animal Abuse by Catherine Tiplady- with contributions from David Bailey-Released April 2013.


Animal Abuse

Helping Animals and People

By C Tiplady, Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics, University of Queensland, Australia

April 2013 / Hardback / 232 Pages / 9781845939830

Main Description

The book's practical focus is developed through interviews with people in a variety of affected roles, international case studies, and discussion of the difficulties that arise; how they can be dealt with and the mental health impacts they can have on those involved. With contributions from world-renowned experts including Phil Arkow and David Bailey, and an introduction by Clive Phillips, Animal Abuse: Helping Animals and People provides practical advice and insights into issues surrounding this emotional subject.


Veterinary practitioners and other animal workers, such as rescue workers, shelter workers and nurses.

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