Core Consultancy Services:

1. Expert witness service - advice and opinion for use in legal disputes.

A service for solicitors and barristers involved in legal disputes involving animals, animal derivatives and professional negligence claims involving veterinary surgeons or animal keepers. This includes animal welfare and cruelty cases and matters involving animal products, injuries due to animals or neglect involving the care of an animal.

2. Applied research.

We provide research and independant expert scrutiny into pet products, food, animal welfare and handling systems, animal transport systems, audit processing and animal by-product processing. We can manage small to medium sized research projects with our own in-house expertise. Larger projects are collaborated out with our partners in academia and industry with project management, inception, progression and completion carried out by Forensic Vet.

3. Teaching and training.

One of the foundation principles for Forensic vet is education along with a strong advocacy and training program; it is a core element of our work. This is achieved through:

  • Provision of training for Veterinary Surgeons in the UK in a recognized postgraduate course.
  • Hosting conferences on Veterinary forensics and law.
  • Publications & Journals including publishing a book Practical Veterinary Forensics due for release in 2015.
  • Online forums- Our secure online forums for training of Forensic Vets allow cases received to be discussed and debated privately. This allows instructions to be shared and discussed amongst many vets with differing specialisms.
  • Invitations to speak at conferences in the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Australia and Eastern Europe demonstrate the specialism of veterinary forensics to mainstream veterinary teaching of under graduates and postgraduate learning.

4. Resilience (and Risk) management consulting.

From horse meat found in burgers in Ireland to intentional acts designed to disrupt live exports from Australia. Forensic Vet provides consultancy and business continuity services to provide a mechanism for recovery from business disruption. This also includes military contracts and provision of services in hostile environments to ensure food and water safety as well as force protection surveillance and animal health programs in developing or war affected countries.

Forensic Vet does not seek to provide qualified legal advice or replace a legal representative- we work with solicitors to provide advice relating to interpretation of the law with regard to the evidence presented and the application of this available material.