Veterinary negligence with high value athlete horse

Forensic Vet was instructed by solicitors to examine a high value equine athlete that had developed lameness after sale.

Forensic Vet was tasked by a solicitor to help in a case involving a lame horse. The high value equine athlete horse had been purchased and developed lameness soon after. The purchaser wished to challenge the seller and their solicitor contacted the Forensic Vet team to carry out some analysis.

lame horse purchase case. Pre purchase exam review.

A pre purchase examination is typically carried out before the sale of any high value equine animal. This examination is not typically carried out by the vet that provides routine care for the horse as that creates a conflict of interest.

After investigation and an analysis of the equine pre-purchase examination document by Forensic Vet (and subsequent court case) the insurers for the vendor agreed to a settlement.

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